Junk Rescue SouthPark Office Cleanout

Junk Rescue is a Charlotte, North Carolina based, sustainable junk removal and recycling service and we want you to stop treating your junk like garbage.  We have served the Queen City since early 2009 when founders, brothers, Blake and Brad Redden had an idea to not only pickup unwanted junk, but to rescue it.  Today, Junk Rescue is providing junk and bulky waste collection for residential and commercial clients throughout Charlotte, resulting in over 100 tons of reused and recycled material annually.  

We provide an array of services, all centered around our core focus of recycling.  These services include junk removal, recycling collection, and dumpsters.  Our junk removal service involves us coming out to your location and loading whatever items you want gone, as long as it's not your spouse or some nasty chemicals.  Our recycling collection service, also referred to as curbside collection or single stream recycling involves us coming out on a routine basis and emptying a provided recycling bin full of cans, bottles, paper, and other typically recycled materials.  Dumpster services involve us bringing you one or more mini dumpsters to load your own junk or recyclable materials.  We can deliver a dumpster for a single material, like cardboard or wood, or for a mixture of materials like junk from a garage cleanout.  Services can occur on a per call basis or they can be scheduled for weekly, monthly, or even daily rotations if needed.  

What separates Junk Rescue from other waste haulers besides the fact that we are pretty much awesome, is that all junk and bulky items we collect go to our facility for sorting.  We remove it from your location, then sort it at our location.  It is here that we are able to determine if an item gets donated, reused, recycled, or as a very last resort, landfilled.  By maintaining a facility for sorting and storing, junk, we are able to gather certain materials until we have an efficient quantity to ship to a recycler.

We are driven to provide our clients with a sustainable means for their unwanted or excess junk that does not involve a trip straight to the landfill.  If you're looking for a free service or just another trash hauler, you came to the wrong spot.  However, if you are serious about recycling and ready to do your part by giving junk a second chance, then lets chat! 1-800-JUNK-911!