Mattress Recycling - Where will your mattress end up?

How many mattresses have you seen dumped on the side of the road? Mattress disposal is a persistent and growing problem in the United States, and North Carolina is far from immune. According to an ABC news report, nearly 20 million mattresses are discarded annually in America alone! Less than 5% of these mattresses are ever recycled! To date, there is a great need for viable mattress recycling options. Traditional disposal at area landfills is increasingly difficult due to space constraints, elevated and increasing tipping fees, and transportation difficulties. Though there are currently no environmental regulations on mattresses in North Carolina, it is common to find them banned from many landfills. With the average used mattress weighing in excess of 60 pounds and taking up an average of 20 cubic feet, it is no wonder landfill owners refuse to give up their precious space.

On July 1, 2011, Junk Rescue will begin servicing this severely under-served sector of the disposal industry by starting the first ever mattress collection and recycling operation in Charlotte, NC. For a $25.00 collection fee and a small per mattress or box spring recycling fee, Junk Rescue will collect and recycle mattresses and box springs from property managers, businesses, residences, and municipalities. The mattresses will then be dismantled, allowing the different individual materials to be recycled into new products. So, where will your mattress end up?

Twin Mattress $15.00 Ea - Full Mattress $17.50 Ea - Queen Mattress $20.00 Ea - King Mattress $22.50 Ea

Drop off locations coming soon!