Junk Rescue Furniture Recycling and Upcycling

Furniture Recycling

Furniture recycling and reuse is our bread and butter.  Junk Rescue handles residential and commercial furniture also referred to in the waste industry as bulky items on a daily basis.  Items inlude but are not limited to couches, chairs, tables, dressers, file cabinets, office chairs, cubicles, desks, recliners, wardrobes, shelves, entertainment centers, book cases, patio furniture, and the list goes on.  Pretty much any furniture item that you no longer need or want is junkNo matter what the condition or age of your furniture, Junk Rescue will remove it and haul it away for you.  

Once removed, all furnture items go back to Junk Rescue's sort facility where we give everything a second look.  It is here that we determine whether items are able to be reused, recycled, or must be discarded of.  Nine times out of ten, items are reused or recycled in some fashion.  Oppurtunities for reuse occur through our monthly Junk Sale or through donations to the Salvation Army.  Any items that are of donatable quality and use will go to Salvation Army first.  Items that Salvation Army does not want or items that are tattered, torn, or broken but still reusable go to the Junk Rescue, Junk Sale.

Furniture that is not reusable will be broken down into parts when possible in order to allow the parts to be reused.  Take for instance the wooden table in the picture above.  It is broken and may or may not be repairable.  However, the legs are perfectly usable to make another table or furniture item.  In this case, the legs might be saved and sold as parts along with any other part of the table that is reusable like the table top or the wheel.  This would only leave part of the table to be recycled or as a last resort, landfilled.

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