Junk Rescue Light Bulb Recycling

Light Bulb Recycling

Did you know it is illegal to place flourescent tubes in the garbage?  Flourescent bulbs, also referred to as Universal Waste, can include fluorescent tubes, compact flourescent bulbs (CFL's), U-lamps, etc. CFLs and other fluorescent bulbs often break when thrown into a dumpster, trash can or compactor, or when they end up in a landfill. This releases harmful gases and powders such as mercury which is why it is now illegal to knowingly landfill flourescent bulbs.  Proper recycling prevents the release of these chemicals into the environment.  Other materials in the bulbs can be recycled, including the glass and metals that make up the bulb housing. Virtually all components of a fluorescent bulb can be recycled however it is a costly process.  

If you are interested in starting a recycling program for your business or property, please contact us.  Requirements will include meeting certain packaging and minimum quantities.  Our current minimum rate to pick up any light bulbs in Charlotte is $90.  Once that rate is achieved, bulbs can be recycled for less than $0.50 each. 

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