junk rescue junk sale

Junk ReSale

Junk Rescue occasionaly sells items or materials as our way of giving junk a second chance.  Just because it is junk to one person does not mean that it will be junk to someone else.  Junk Rescue sells tables, chairs, desks, windows, doors, cabinets, fixtures, lamps, housewares, materials, and other random preloved things that you just won't find most places. 

We used to have a Junk Sale on the last Saturday of every month however, due to our recent move, we are no longer open to the public.  Instead, we now have a booth location at the Catawba River Antique Mall where we will offer our most recent junk finds.  Come shop with an open mind for reusing, repurposing, or recreating and you'll leave with arms full and happy.  Come out and "Give Junk A Second Chance!"